Questions and Answers

We do not believe in long legal texts & agreements that nobody has the time to read. Hence, the answers below will be very short and direct.

I was personally disappointed by the uptime & availability of existing keyservers. Everybody seemed to have their own idea how to distribute their pgp public key.
Hence was born as a central and free directory for public pgp keys with an outstanding uptime, availability and reliability - thanks to using the Google Cloud.
Yes, we are fully compatible with OpenPGP's cli tool:

$ gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-key 00000000
That is correct. We finance the development as well as the operation of this website by displaing ads on your data that we do not own.
However there is zero incentive for us to sell your data in public (which is public anyways) nor to maximise profits. Please complain though if you feel otherwise!
We implement tools such as Google Analyics as well as Google AdSense both of which can track your IP and cookies (technically, so independently if they say they do or do not).
Apart from that we only collect data from you if you explicitely submit your public key on this or other pgp directory sites.
There is no way we can know who (as a person) submitted your key as there is zero correlation between the person submitting a public key and the actual owner of the public key.
Please use the submit form on our home page or any gpg compatible tool to upload a modified version of your public key.

Please contact us if you still have questions.